Vitauts takes out the Trash

Vitauts takes out the Trash

vitauts-1-1Yesterday was Wednesday, trash day. I didn’t realize it until I got home from school only to see empty recycling bins and garbage cans lining the block.

“Shoot!” I thought, now we have to wait a week to empty the trash. Oh well, no big deal.

Then, it wasn’t until Thursday evening that I looked into the big bin in the garage to find it completely empty. Dad took out the trash? My 89-year old father?

He was playing solitaire at the table like he does, and I asked him, “Did you take out the trash?”

“Ja. Ja, I did take it out,” he replied, seemingly remembering.

“How did you know it was trash day?” He has trouble remembering what day it is, even if I tell him in the morning, at lunch and when I get home in the evening.

“When I looked outside, I saw all the trashcans on the curb, so I knew it was the day, and I took it to the curb.”

This isn’t a small trashcan. This is a big, gray model with wheels. He is so conscientious it is amazing.

The whole situation just made me reassured that dad does not have Alzheimers or some bigger issue. He has terrific cognitive functioning, and he can figure things out just as well as he always could. It’s just his memory is gone. It has faded, and steadily declined over the years.

Tonight, as he was playing cards, he asked me again, “What day is tomorrow?”

“It’s going to be Friday, dad.”

“Friday, yes, I forgot already. I used to remember everything, every name, everyone. But now my memory is not so good. Now I don’t even remember what day it is.”

But that’s okay because he remembered Trash Day!


Just one more note on how conscientious he is… if Alex, the cat, is sitting in his chair, he will lie on the bed or go to another room so as not to disturb Alex. Who does that?

Vitauts, that’s who.

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