Day 22: PLN @teachthought #reflectiveteaching #PLN

Day 22: PLN @teachthought #reflectiveteaching #PLN

Day 22
What does your PLN look like, and what does it to for your teaching?

I learned another new Acronym Today. PLN=Personal Learning Network. I do not have an “official” PLN; at least I’ve never referred to it as a PLN.

Right now, I am a member of the Nebraska Writing Project. I am the Technology Liaison for our group. I attend monthly meetings and have chats and emails with members of NeWP. This is a huge inspiration for me as a reflective teacher.

At Westside High school, we have weekly PLCs (Professional Learning Communities), and all of our work is done in teams. So there is a built in PLN here where I work. I am constantly communicating with members of my team and we construct ways to improve our teaching.

Outside of that, I suppose there is this Twitter feed and the people from NWP and DigitalIs. I learn through those communities… constant Facebook posts and feeds from all over with articles and ideas about education.

And finally there is the Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA), acronyms abound! I have been to that conference multiple times and we are starting up a partnership between NeWP and NETA that will further develop that network.

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