Day 21: Hobbies @teachthought #reflectiveteacher

Day 21: Hobbies @teachthought #reflectiveteacher

Day 21
Do you have other hobbies/interests that you bring into your classroom teaching? Explain.

recordplayerI collect vinyl records. I have a couple of record players at home, and two years ago, I bought one on Craigslist just to take to school. I got some free speakers, a cheap amplifier, and now I keep the record player and some of my less important vinyl selections in my room.

I teach Humanities, and I have records with Medieval music and Renaissance music on them. Stuff I do not have in digital format. So when students are studying those eras, I will play those records for them. Sometimes, inevitably, they ask me about the records and record player, and there are always kids whose parents still have records.

My other passion is Scrabble, but I still have yet to find a way to share my love for that game with my students. I have an eventual plan to get them all on Wordbiz, but it hasn’t happened yet.


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