Update: Covid in Riga December 2020

Update: Covid in Riga December 2020

Draugi, nav labi!

That is what our Latvian Primeminister, Kariņš, said in his last speech about Covid. It translates as “Friends, it isn’t good.” Now they make t-shirts with the saying on it. It has quickly become his catchphrase.



Earlier this year, I think I wrote about how Covid was pretty much under control. This summer, we were seeing 1 case a day. 2 cases a day. Sometimes even 0. Then, after school started and the weather cooled off, we steadily saw cases rising.

The last number was about 900 cases in a single day. Day after day it has been record cases.

First, we went into an emergency situation about a month ago where masks were required inside and students over the age of 12 were learning from home. There were limits on how many people could be out in public together and bars and restaurants were only open for take out.

Still, hospitals and careworkers have become overwhelmed by the number of cases. I know people who have tested positive and people who have been in a 14 day quarantine. Everyone in the city is wearing masks inside and on public transporation.

In this photo, you can see an anti-masker poster on our street. There are political parties that are trying to use Covid to gain power by saying it is a hoax. Morons!

Cases are likely rising right now, and proabably peaking, because we had our Latvian Proclamation day on November 18… just about 2 weeks ago. There were no big parties or celebrations as there usually are, but people were out without masks.

With the newest declaration, we are getting even more strict until the middle of January. No more than two people together from different households and they must wear masks and stay 6 feet apart.

If people are inside anywhere outside of their house, they have to wear masks. Here is a list of all the current restrictions.

On the plus side, manicurists can work again along with hairdressers.

But the really big news, the one that shakes many of us to our cores, is that alcohol cannot be sold on the weekends! I am not sure what research went into figuring out that this measure would help curb the problem, but I think it hits harder than any of the other rules.

Seriously though, the saddest part of all this is to go for a walk in the city center and to see so many shops closed and so few people out shopping. In the Christmas season, when businesses expect to see some serious shopping, we have quiet streets. Many storefronts have been shuttered in the past few weeks, and I hope we do not see many more.

The vaccine is on its way, and it gives everyone a little hope.

We are lucky because we can work at home and still have our jobs and earn money. But there are many who cannot. I feel so much sympathy for my teacher colleagues and family members. This has been such a grueling drudgery week in and week out.

I hate to admit it, but I am also glad we have our dog Hanna. She gives us all a reason to go outside and get fresh air without feeling guilty.

I hope to write more in the coming weeks. Let us know what you are going through where you are! How does Covid affect you?


Bolt riders in masks delivering food are the post apocalyptic warriors of our current future present.


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