A visit to the Bolderāja beach

A visit to the Bolderāja beach

Recently Jeff has had no motivation or wish to write and i think all of us miss the updates on his life. However, we cannot force him to write. All that would come out would be sad, grey clumps that barely describe his experiences. So here I am, a guest author, his own step-child Karu, formerly known as Max.

Today he and his family (except for Jacques, for he is a cat) went on a small trip to the Bolderāja beach. By the time we left the sky was already 58% dark, but we were excited nonetheless. After 20 minutes of driving through the effortlessly creepy Riga and unsettling Daugavgrīva we reached our destination. There we were greeted by naked trees and the remains of a soviet trail. We decided to do the obvious horror movie thing and follow the trail, hoping it would lead us to the beach.

And so we walked, surrounded by nothing but pine trees and old grass. Somewhere above us was a plane but we could not see it. Honestly, i thought it was going to crash right in front of us, that’s how loud it was. Luckily that did not happen and we continued on our way. The wind was leading us forward on the path that seemed to go on forever.

Hanna definitely enjoyed this walk, she ran around us in circles, tens of meters forward and all the way back. She didn’t seem creeped out at all. I think she would die in a horror film if she was human. I admire her, though. Har brain only registered “New space, must explore”. No thoughts, no depression just excitement.

Anyways after walking for quite some time we finally found the sand and the dunes. It was already quite dark, which made the sea look magical. We saw the lights of a boat far away and possibly the glow of Riga. I stood next to the water and sunk my fingers into the damp sand underneath the microscopic waves. even though my boots got wet, i didn’t mind. Seeing the sēkļi all around me and a rush of energy hit me like lightning and i sprinted east as fast as i could. I noticed the dog had joined me and we ran together. It felt like hours but it was probably just a few seconds. I jumped over and stepped onto the water until my lungs said no and i had to stop.

We screamed all the curse words and anger we had in us. We yelled each other’s names and everything we could think of. I barked and whistled. There was nobody around, except for a lady standing at the edge of the beach. I hope she didn’t mind. Maybe we provided some entertainment for her.

It got dark quite soon (at 4pm) and we decided to head home for the night. On the way back Jeff felt the need to hurry and left me and Rita behind. We made jokes that he would jump out the bushes and scare us or simply drive away. Thankfully, he did neither. It was a lot scarier walking back since it was the time of night where one cannot see a thing. There weren’t any lights to guide us either. Me and my dear mother discussed the types of horror, turns out she’s more scared of ghosts, while i’m more worried about being murdered.

The ride back was my favorite part of the adventure. I was both the direction giver and the DJ. We started the drive with some Weezer which the parents adored. I also made them listen to ‘Someone New’ by Hozier. God, i love that song. It makes me fall in love with humanity and every bit of my surroundings. Every person in my life and every stranger. It gives me hope and understanding. Therapy could NEVER. And, of course, no car ride is complete without a bit of Rīta Stienis. Did you know it means morning wood in english? You probably did.

Anyway. Goodnight.

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