Rita and Jeff’s Wedding: 15 June 2019

Rita and Jeff’s Wedding: 15 June 2019

Our Wedding

Ansis holds the door for us!

Just in case you weren’t sure or didn’t know, Rita Treija and I were married in a very discrete ceremony on the 15th of June 2019 at approximately 11:02 a.m. My cousin Ansis and his wife Monta were the witnesses. Our photographer, Didzis Grodzs, was also present documenting the entire pre- and post-ceremony in gorgeous black and white.

We decided to have an Italian-themed wedding reception, and continue on with an Italian honeymoon. I already wrote one post about this trip, and there will be more to follow. I am an unbelievably lucky human being in this world.


None of this would have been possible without the help of so many people including Max who helped before the wedding and then before the reception making sure everyone felt happy and comfortable. Thank you everyone who took part!

The Reception

For the reception and photos, we rented a white Vespa scooter. My post about our Vespa ride was in preparation for this day. I needed some practice to make sure we didn’t crash on the big day! Spoiler: We didn’t crash.

Not the Banana Tree

After the very short wedding with an exchange of rings at the government office, we had a nice photo session in this lovely indoor arboretum at the government building. When we first visited, we imagined taking photos with the banana tree in the background, wish fulfilled! We had a little private dance, and then we rode the scooter to the nearby Vespa Garazh where a small group of our friends and family were waiting.

Just Married

We were met with flower petals provided by Dārta and her sisters. We walked through the beautiful crowd and then were forced to listen to people say nice things about us. Ansis talked about me, and then Rita’s best friend Elīna gave a touching speech about her intellect and sense of humor.

Then came the Latvian tradition of presenting flowers to the happy couple. This was a beautiful touch to the whole affair. Each group of guests brought us flowers, gifts, or greetings, and we then said something about all of them in English and/or Latvian so everyone understood who these people were.

Alexsei, Susan, Paul, and Joseph

The highlight for me was that my brother Paul, sister Susan, and niece Alexsei came and celebrated with me. Unfortunately, Vitauts was tired out from the long journey and he spent the day at his new home in Rauna. More to come about that!

In addition, many of my Latvian family members were there in force with cousins coming all the way from Smiltene! Rita’s brother came in from Alūksne, and we were both surrounded by people we love.

Ieva, Rita, and Elīna

We were very happy with the staff of Vespa Garazh. The celebration was timed perfectly. We had a Prosecco toast, Italian-style tapas, and finally honey cake.

We had a special game for our guests during which they were randomly put in groups of four and then given an envelope of photographs. They had to  try to figure out where all of our double selfies were taken.

The winners!


I am including the photos here (at the bottom of the page) so you can play along with your friends and family! Send us your answers and win a prize!*

After the game, we gave a prize to the table of winners led by Joe and Elīna along with Alexsei and Dārta. Then everyone had cake and a wonderful time.

Gita catches bouquet!


Finally, Rita announced that she was throwing her beautiful hand-made bouquet! My cousin Gita was the lucky lady who caught it!




The Getaway

The Blue Van

After that, we snuck out the back door of the restaurant and took off in our rented blue van to the airport, disappearing without a trace. Later, Ansis called us and had us talk to our guests to tell them all what happened to us. It was really funny because we had to drive by the front of Vespa in front of everyone, but I guess they never thought to look for us in the blue van, so our secret was safe!

At the airport



Rita and I made it to the airport safely (after a couple of wrong turns) and took off for Treviso (via Venice), Italy. More to follow about that!







Some of Didzis’ Photos

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Some of My Photos

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See the Wedding Song List: wedding2019playlist

Play Along: Double Selfie Game! Send me the number of each photo and where you think it is.

*there is no prize


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