The Reality of Facebook Addiction

The Reality of Facebook Addiction

Riding bike instead of FB.

I decided to quit Facebook… again. This will be my third attempt to get this social media monkey off my back. I knew I had a problem when I found myself checking my phone for updates, posting all the time, and just sifting through posts that I had seen more than once before. “Show me something new! Show me something interesting!”

Today, I woke up in a bit of a funk, and it has taken me all day to realize that it’s because I haven’t checked Facebook. I have tried to satiate my addiction by looking at Twitter… which is kind of like methadone or something. It’s okay; but it’s not the real thing. I even made a couple posts on Instagram just to feel alive for a minute, but no one responds. There are no reactions.

So here I am, just kind of lulling through my hump day trying to figure out what all my “friends” think of Trump firing Comey? Or how they feel about the Omaha election yesterday. What happened to Mello?

Ultimately, Facebook doesn’t really matter. I know that intellectually. But I also know that I am feeling this withdrawal as sure as I can feel the rain on my head.

I realize the irony here is that this blog post will make an appearance on Facebook. And I think that’s the point. If you read it, just ask yourself if you’re being mindful. Are you on here because you want to be… or because you’re addicted?

Spilled coffee on myself. Withdrawal symptom?


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