Day 10: Sharing Random Things #reflectiveteaching @TeachThought

Day 10: Sharing Random Things #reflectiveteaching @TeachThought

Day 10

Share five random facts about yourself.
1. Youngest son of 7 children.
2. Parents are immigrants from Latvia.
3. Wanted to be an actor or writer.
4. Loves collecting vinyl.
5. Has very vivid dreams.

Share four things from your bucket list.
1. Get a bucket list.
2. Take my kids to Latvia.
3. Get a Ph.D. of some kind.
4. Walk on Mars
5. Publish a Novel.

Share three things that you hope for this year, as a “person” or an educator.
1. Staying alive.
2. Not getting nasty parent phone calls.
3. Not getting nasty administrative emails.
4. Bringing students into the fold.
5. Building up my speech class.

Share two things that have made you laugh or cry as an educator.
1. Laugh: When my student tried to argue that not doing his homework was an act of Civil Disobedience as we studied Thoreau.
2. Cry: When a boy shared a piece of jewelry that was an example of aesthetic beauty. Inside was a picture of his sister. It turns out that his sister had died the year before. I struggled to make it out of the room that day.

Share one thing you wish more people knew about you.
1. I am always funny and never serious. Take everything I say with a grain of kosher-sized salt.

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