Day 3

Day 3

Luckily, I started this before September, or else I would be two days behind. Labor Day weekend will do that to a teacher-blogger. As it stands, I am writing the third blog on the 2nd day, so I’m a day ahead of the curve. I’m still not sure why I can’t copy and paste the prompts from the website… seems like an oversight or a brilliant maneuver. The verdict is still out.

The prompt for today is to discuss one “observation” area of teaching to improve for my teacher evaluation. I have to think about this one.

I am trying to recall what the typical “observation” areas are that evaluators look at in a teacher’s performance. I found this after an inexhaustive internet search. I think the area that stands out the most as a place for improvement is my focus on a clear objective for each class. This goes right along with my goal of making my teaching relevant.

Sometimes I enter the room to teach IDEAS and I have ACTIVITIES, but my actual objective isn’t as clear. I am still not 100% sold on the idea of having ONE clear objective for each classroom lesson. I think students learn more when they are allowed to pull out their own ideas from many, but perhaps that is wishful thinking.

Now that I have written this, I will consciously focus on one clear objective per day.



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