30 Day Challenge: #1 Goals

30 Day Challenge: #1 Goals

I’m just going to start this here by posting this link so I can remember how to get back to it. 

The first writing challenge is to write my teaching goals for the year. What a good idea. Usually, my goal is to live through each day and get to the next. But maybe if I start off with some broader ideas, some kind of deep analytical introspection, I will have a better year.

Goal number one is a personal one. I want to see my students as individuals and treat each one with respect every day.

Goal number two is to make sure that I teach my students something new every day. I never want them to leave my room feeling like they haven’t gotten anything out of it. I hear that too often from students.

Goal three goes right along with number one, I want them to know why we are making the choices we make as teachers. I don’t think that the argument “because I said so” is valid. I never liked that answer when I was a student, so I want to make sure I have an answer.

Goal four, however, is to not focus on what my students will be doing in ten years. I want the learning to be relevant to them right now. I want them to cherish learning moments, as we all should. Rather than wondering, “When am I ever going to use this?” I want them to enjoy learning in the moment. Is that mindfulness?

I have two new preps to teach this year, and one is an entirely new course at Westside High School. So I am still in survival mode. But I will keep these four goals in mind throughout the year and focus on them regardless of the content or classroom.


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