Macbook Air Update

Macbook Air Update

photoWe’re about a week or so away from the start of another school year, so I am shaking the dust off of my blog and getting back into the writing mode. I though I would start with an ode to my new Macbook Air. Here I am in New Orleans reading from the Macbook. I don’t think I could have held the old one so easily to read from.

This past year had been the most frustrating yet with my white 2009ish Macbook. It was slow in every possible way. It just kept not-working for no reason, and I was ready to just watch it die. When it was announced that we were getting the Macbook Airs, I was a bit disappointed because I was anticipating the more powerful Pros. However, after a few weeks with this baby, I am loving it.

First of all, it’s fast. Freaky fast. The solid state drive boots and loads incredibly fast. Right now, this MacBook feels like a new computer should. Click on an application, and zip, it opens. I have multiple applications open with multiple tabs, and the computer still works. I couldn’t say as much for the older Macbook. It is missing an optical drive, which I completely forgot about until I bought a friend of mine a CD and I wanted to play it for her. “What’s going on?” I thought, as I tried to load the Kermit Ruffins disc into my MacBook Air.

I must praise it’s lightness. I took my backpack and this machine on a writing marathon all over New Orleans. I thought I would mostly be using my notebook to write in, but the Air was so light and unburdensome, that I found myself using it as my primary writing tool. It can sit on my lap and I hardly even know it’s there. I can carry it around while closed, and it’s lighter than a paperback book. At least it feels that way.

So this is just to say thanks to the techies at Westside for making the choice and giving us our new educational tools.

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