Metacognitive of My WordPress Theme

Metacognitive of My WordPress Theme

I am looking at my WordPress site, and I’m thinking, “Twenty Twelve” theme? Really? And you call yourself a techevangelist?!”

And I am wondering if my choice of theme says something about me and my abilities as a technology infused educator? Sure it does. Don’t all of our choices ultimately say something about us?

I could certainly find a cooler, hipper theme that might better represent my world according to me. But when I originally chose Twenty Twelve, I did so with the thought that the simplicity of the theme allows the words to speak for themselves.

Maybe it’s now “old school cool.” After all, we’re in the year 2014. A Twenty Twelve WordPress theme is ancient by modern Web 2.0 standards. (Are we still on Web 2.0? Did I miss the update to 2.1.1?)

So what does your WordPress theme say about you? Are you a modder who creates her own theme? Do you just go with the theme you are handed by the WordPress gods? Do you dig deep for the slickest theme you can find created by some other modder out there in the cyberverse?

And what does that say about you?

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