Quarter 1 Reflection 2013

Quarter 1 Reflection 2013

I have just finished teaching for nine weeks. Honestly, it feels like four. Time just rushes by so quickly that it’s good to take a day to just think about what happened.

As far as technology goes, I think this was a solid quarter for me. I feel that google docs and creative writing have been the greatest technology improvement in my classroom. Students are using the space wisely and it offers a great way for me to provide immediate feedback. It’s unobtrusive, but it requires great amounts of trust. Right now, it’s set up so that everyone can see everyone’s work; and everyone can edit everyone’s work. We haven’t had any major disruptions yet, but could certainly see that as a potential problem. I really don’t know how to use Google Docs in a writing lab setting without allowing everyone to edit everything. I don’t see a way to fine tune the permissions in shared folders.

I also started our online forum again. That should be fun. These students seem more capable of using it than ever before. They hopped right on and started making topics. I just need to remember to keep it secure.


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