Lessons of the Double Rainbow

Lessons of the Double Rainbow

So as I was walking to school this morning, I saw a double rainbow. Unfortunately, I only had my iPad as a camera, so the image isn’t as great as it could be, but it was still a splendid sight.

doublerainbowOf course, my mind (and my wife’s mind) went immediately to the “double rainbow guy” who has over 35 million (yes Million) views on youtube. So even the beauty of a rainbow is tainted by technology.

I myself posted a photo to Facebook with a little poem about the morning sky. I felt the need to capture the moment using technology and then to share with an anonymous group of people who may or may not care what I have to say. What is that compulsion? Is it healthy or not?

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one caught up in the capturing of this natural phenomenon. The band was playing on the football field, and they stopped playing. Many of them took out their phones, ignoring the director, to take pictures. It wasn’t enough to witness the event, but they had to add it to their collection of digital media, the digital hoarders that we are.


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