New Stuff!

New Stuff!

Today, we’re letting all of our class members share their favorite pieces of technology. Just this morning, I have added apps for my Google browser, and I learned how to use Aurasma. Each new technology opens up some new thinking. 

Let’s see what everyone else shares!

1. Free Technology for Teachers: A website for free technology apps for education.

2. Diigo: A social bookmarking tool to organize your bookmarks and make them available anywhere.

3. Remember the Milk: A list making tool to help keep track of your life. 

4. Shop Savvy: A tool to help you find the best prices for everything. 

5. I Have to Pee: Helps you find the nearest public restroom.

6. Winning Writers: Contests and tools for young writers.

7. Aurasma: An overlay for any image to offer more information to users.

8. Anything After: Tells you if there is anything after the credits of movies. 

9. 750 Words: A blogging tool for writers that encourages people to write 750 words a day.

10. Duck Duck Go: A search engine that doesn’t track its users. 

Please comment with other tools that you use!

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