Vitauts Take 17: Husker Games

Up the MIddle!
Up the MIddle!

I am writing this still in the euphoric afterglow of Nebraska’s incredible comeback against Michigan State this Saturday. It was one of the most amazing games that I have ever watched, and I watched it with dad. Usually, two or three random siblings and other relatives or friends will show up for a big game, but not today.

Today, it was Vitauts, his beer, and his classic color commentary.

When we were growing up, we would listen to the games on the radio, and dad always pretended to root for the other team. I think he was always a Husker fan, but he liked to play the devil’s advocate. And even when he did root for Nebraska, he would taint it with his negative comments about Devaney, then Osborne, and whoever else he blamed for “stupid” plays.

The most famous of his comments is “Up the middle!” complaining about Osborne calling running plays in the middle of the field. “No one ever makes yards up the middle, I mean!” If there is one thing that Vitauts is, it is consistent. So to this day, even twenty years after Osborne, when he sees a player get tackled in the middle he will complain about the “stupid call.”

Tonight was terrific. I was cheering and screaming as we both sat and enjoyed one of Nebraska’s best comebacks.


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